A message from our garden

We wish you were here.

If you were, you’d be able to close your eyes and hear our chickens’ gentle peeps and trills, as well as bees buzzing while maintaining their colony in our apiary. The buzzing fades away; listen for the trickle of water from upcycled bottles fitted with our watering spouts, as water gently sprinkles organically grown seeds and seedlings. If you were here, you could help us pick fresh produce from the garden, grown from our very own Heirloom seeds.

Let us make a light lunch from our food garden in the afternoon sun. We will keep the salads fresh with handmade bowl covers. If there’s leftovers, we’ll wrap some up in our 100% organic beeswax food wrapping for you to take home.

At 6 Degrees East, our love for organic gardening underpins into everything that we do. Our kitchen products are all locally made, planet-friendly, and come in 100% natural packaging. Our philosophy is that a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be a burden or expensive. Our products are specifically designed to enable you to lay a strong foundation for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Browse through our plastic-free and planet-friendly alternatives for kitchen products. Get going on your own organic garden with our gardening kits and goodies.

For the love of nature, for the love of organic gardening, for the love of home.

Our Community

Our handmade products are produced by our hardworking, planet-loving, eco-conscious, skilled team.

We all share the goal of creating planet-friendly products that tread lightly on the Earth.


MUSO, located in the CBD of Johannesburg, was founded by 6 Degrees East. MUSO empowers young persons by enabling them to become artisanal tailors. Our gardening aprons and sun hats are proud products from the MUSO initiative and are 100% locally and sustainably made from 100% cotton Shweshwe and floral fabric.