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PLUNTER Soil Blocker, Seedling Starter. The 6 Degrees East Plunter is a soil block that is an optimum medium for seed germination.

The 6 Degrees East Plunter- made soil block is an optimum medium for seed germination. Once the seed is established in the soil block, the block with its seedling is planted at the final growing position.

  • By planting the germinated seed in the nutrient-rich block there is no transplantation shock.


How to use:

Turn the Plunter upside down, fill to the brim with tightly-packed wet seedling mix.

Place the Plunter right way around on a firm surface and squeeze excess water out of the soil block by pushing firmly down on the plunger handle


Slide the soil block from Plunter by gently pushing down on the plunger while holding the Plunter sleeve in the other hand.

Place the seed into the central indentation and lightly cover the seed with the sifted seedling mix to the same thickness as the seed. The smaller the seed, the shallower it should be sown.

Water the soil block gently and keep moist until the seedling is strong enough to be transplanted.

A demonstration video is available on

Seedling mix

2 cups seedling mix 

1 cup expanded coir block 

½ cup earthworm castings

2 cups of water

Mix the above 


Soaking seeds before planting:

Seed type

Soaking time

Lentils and peas

120 min

Beans, Cabbage, Broad Beans and Radish

60 min

Dill, Lettuce, leek, Swiss chard, carrots, green peppers, beetroot, chives, spinach, tomato and onions


The Plunter is made from UV-stable PVC, the wooden part is treated with marine varnish, metal parts are rust-resistant.

‘Plunter’ = plunger/planter

10cm x 7cm x 7cm   150 grams


The packaging bag can be re-used to protect fruit e.g. tomatoes from birds and beetles while ripening on the plant.